Fragment Talks #2 Is Origin Access Worth it ? – January 14, 2016

Topics – Timestamps – Sources
Black Ops III And PlayStation 4 Lead December 00:09:55

Xbox Gold Members Free EA Acess 00:13:00

VFX Star Wars Reel 16:28:00

PewDiePie’s Revelmode 00:23:32
YouTube Megastar PewDiePie Launches ‘Revelmode’ Network

Snoop Dogg Angry at Xbox Service 00:29:30

Sony Attempts and Fails to Trademark “Let’s Play” 00:34:57

Amazon Prime 20% off New Games 00:40:00
Origin Access 00:46:10

PS Plus veterans gets ‘limited edition gift’ 01:07:30

Funimation Now 01:13:00

ESPN and Esports? 01:29:00
GoPro laying off 7% of employees 01:36:00

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend 01:40:00


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